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Healthy Roselle Drink

October 25, 2015 / Eddy / Food, General, Health

Saw that my local fruit store was selling the roselle flower and thought it was a good idea to buy some to make some vitamin C rich quenching drink. Locally, the roselle or rosella is called Ribena Flower as it almost taste like that popular drink I used to drink in my childhood. The Rosella […]

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My 1st attempt at making Pumpkin Kaya

October 24, 2015 / Eddy / Food

Yesterday I¬†bought two without actually knowing what to do with them. When I got home, I was searching the web for ideas and thought it would be nice to make Pumpkin Kaya. Instead of just making pumpkin puree, it comes with an asian, particularly Peranakan-Malay twist with Gula Melaka (Coconut Sugar) and Coconut. Ingredients 1 […]

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Dehydrating Tomatoes – Home Made “Sun Dried” Tomatoes

April 13, 2015 / Eddy / Food, Health

It’s Tomatoes season again and in the past, I would make tomato sauce, pasta sauce or tomato juice but I am unable to take advantage of the bountiful harvest since it means finding space in the fridge or freezer to store them. Thoughts of sun drying tomatoes came to mine but not having outdoor space […]

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My 1st attempt at making an Unconventional Gluten-Free Bread

May 11, 2014 / Eddy / Food

A friend posted the blog about the Life Changing Bread and I thought I give it a try. Not having all the ingredients, I had to improvise. Ingredients 2 cups quick oats 2 tbsp chia seeds 4 tbsp psyllium husks 1 tsp low sodium salt 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp blackstrap molasses 1 1/2 cup […]

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Kota Kinabalu’s Groupons Eats

August 18, 2012 / Eddy / Food, Sabah

Being in IT, buying online wasn’t something really new to me especially I have been selling my softwares online for the last 14 years. It was early 2011 which I discovered Gmarket (now known as operating in Singapore and did spend a pretty huge chunk of my income in there. Soon, discovered other “Group […]

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Geylang Serai Ramandan Bazaar (2012) (SG)

August 13, 2012 / Eddy / Food, Singapore

The Malays is the 2nd largest race in term of population of Singapore and makes up over 10% of its population. Naturally, with some 650,000 Malays in Singapore, they do celebrate it a big way. There is two major places where they Ramandan Bazaar is held, one is at Geylang Serai and the other is […]

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Asia City Bazaar Ramadhan 2012 (KK)

August 13, 2012 / Eddy / Food, Sabah

I was fortunate to visit Kota Kinabalu, Sabah during the Holy Month of Ramadhan (the Muslim month of fasting) before the Islamic New Year. During this month long Ramadhan, Muslim across the world would fast between dawn to dusk and abstinent from drinks and food. It is during this time that, food stalls are being […]

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Kedai Kopi Hui Chow Fried Pork Noodles (KK)

August 12, 2012 / Eddy / Food, Sabah

Every time I visit Kota Kinabalu, I would try to at least visit Kedai Kopi Hui Chow for their Fried Pork Noodles and their Five-Spiced Wild Boar. It definitely makes my trip to KK worth the while. For RM5 (SG$2), this delicious fried pork noodles comes with homemade noodles, several slices of fried fritters (yu […]

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Sabah vs Singapore Big Pau Size

August 11, 2012 / Eddy / Food

I have always been fascinated by how big the Big Pau (Steamed Meat Bun) in Malaysia as compared to what we get in Singapore. I believe the ones in Singapore just get progressively smaller and more expensive as the time goes by. I remember years back paying just about SG$0.80 for a big pau which […]

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Singapore Food Festival Village 2012

July 16, 2012 / Eddy / Food, Singapore

With the national obsession with food, it is no surprise that Singapore has its own Food Festivals and numerous food fairs held several times a year. Food is what bonds people together especially with the multiracial nation like Singapore. I decided I should pop into the Singapore Food Festival 2012 at Marina Bay next to […]

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