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Cracked my iPhone 6 Screen which broke my heart

December 4, 2015 / Eddy / General, Technology

In one dark morning, a simple act of carelessness ruin my day. It was the morning I dropped my iPhone 6 and cracked the screen. For some reason, I placed my iPhone 6 on top of my iPad and not realizing that, lifted the iPad and my iPhone 6 slipped to the floor. It lied on its back so I didn’t think too much of it as it had a case and well, the iPhone 6 was supposed to come with the super tough Gorilla Glass. But I was wrong, I ended up with this.

Cracked iPhone 6

The screen was still functional as everything touchable was still touchable and scrollable. It does look bad. I never knew something like this would happen but apparently, it’s not the first time this happened in the world. Still that was no consolation as no wishful thinking would suddenly fix the screen.

I made several inquiries and was quoted anywhere from $400 to $500 to just replaced the screen. I didn’t have AppleCare+ which if I had would cost me about $108 for a screen replacement. As the warranty for the phone expired, I was free to either look for another phone or bite the bullet and spend $400 for the screen. $400 was a hefty amount as it could have gotten me a brand new phone for much less.

Thankfully, I had my old iPhone 5 which was working for the most part, the on-off button is a little stiff but otherwise fully functional. That morning, I did an iOS 9.1 update but it got stuck at the iCloud configuration. I couldn’t do a hard reset or turn the phone off so I had to wait about a week for the battery to fully drain before I could turn the phone back on and do the set up again, which worked that time.

The trouble is that when bad things happened, they seems to come all at one time. I had to stay positive and thought of some alternative. I have a Redmi Note phone which worked, although it only come with 8gb of Storage memory as opposed to the 64gb on my iPhone 6 but it would probably do for the while. Placed an order for the NanoSIM to MicroSIM adapter and started using the phone. I should have did a self collection as it was the weekend and I had no presentable phone to use. The Redmi Note is a much cheaper phone but somehow the screen is a lot stronger as I’ve dropped it several times without it registering a scratch.

During the time before the arrival of the NanoSIM, I set up the Personal Hotspot on my iPhone 6, left it in my pocket while I used my Redmi Note’s WIFI to connect to the iPhone 6 Personal Hotspot. It worked. I do get less personal calls or SMS as everything goes through data and that worked great as a stop gap.

The first thing I did when I received the NanoSIM adapter was to start the phone and tried installing all the apps I frequently used on my iPhone. It’s nice that today most popular application comes built for iOS and Android.

However, it seems that some of the Podcasts which I listened to can only be found on iTunes. Anyways, something I had to live with until there is some acceptable solution out there.

At that time, the Mi store dropped the price of the Mi4i phone which makes it all so attractive. I almost bought it but seeing that I am still used to the iPhone, I did not. At that time, I was able to revived my iPhone 5 and started using it after doing a backup of the iPhone 6 and restoring it unto the iPhone 5. Nothing lost along the way. Got a new case for it too and thought that was the end of it.

That was until I chanced upon a post by this little repair shop in Boon Lay called Lite Mobile. It stated that it would just cost $85 to replace the iPhone 6 screen and they can do it within an hour. It was a little hard to get to but after confirming the price with them, I spend the afternoon going down to the shop.

Handed over my iPhone 6 and he confirmed the price again, asked for my mobile phone number and told me to come back within 40 minutes. Wow! 40 minutes and my woes are over.

The Repaired iPhone 6

True to his word, I was only billed $85 for the replacement. There was no hidden charges or any selling of any accessories. I did ask for a screen protector as I didn’t want the incident to happen again. It cost me an additional $8 for the glass protector and he did the installation for me too, it’s something I am horrible at. That’s pretty much why I didn’t had one on, I am good at adding bubbles in the middle of the screen when I attached the screen protector myself which makes it quite horrible to look at. That is another story altogether.

Even the Home button seems more responsive when I got the phone back. I am really happy that the episode is over and I can get on with life as before. Got a brand new more protective case for the phone too.

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I would definitely recommend Lite Mobile for any repair work, they are very professional about what they do and very honest too. Evaluation is free and they will not do any work until you give them the okay. In fact when I was there, there was a guy which brought in a phone which was not able to access the mobile network, they removed his SIM Card and inserted theirs and it worked. Without charging him, he was asked to go back to the telco to get a replacement SIM Card. Other places would be happy to charge a service fee just to check.

They can repair cracked screens, faulty buttons and any motherboard issues for the iPhone and other popular brands like Samsung and Xiaomi too.

Lite Mobile can be located at Block 176 Boon Lay Drive #01-356. They are opened from 1pm to midnight every day. Their Facebook page can be found at


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