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Ethnic Sabah at Grace Point

December 12, 2011 / Eddy / Sabah, Travel

I always enjoy trying out new Eclipse food especially new ethnic food of the place I am visiting. Although I’ve travelled to Sabah for the past 14 years, the only time I had Kadazan-Dusun food was during the Harvest Festival. I was not able to find Madrid’s authentic Kadazan food found in the food stalls until now.

It was my last night in Kota Kinabalu when I went to Grace Point after being told that this is one of the places wholesale mlb jerseys which serve it. That night, I was just recovering from a bad stomach so I did not want to be too exotic with my choices so I picked the Chicken Ginger Set. After I placed my order, I was given a very big wooden spoon which wasn’t to be used as a utensil but a marker so they know which table to send my food ? Definitely a neat idea!

My dish promptly came after about 10 minutes and what I got was a set with purple rice, long beans omelette and the delicious uzroci chicken pieces with slightly sweet and lightly gingered sauce. Oh yes, the quintessential chilli.  The meal was certainly yummy but the rice was a tat too dry for me. Was hoping that it came with a bowl of soup but anyhow. ?

Grace Point is actually quite a very significant place because of a tragic event which happened on June 6, 1976. A Nomad plane carrying Tun Fuad Stephens aka Donald Stephens, Sabah’s first Chief Minister and 6 other State Ministers crashed into the is sea which is now where Grace Point is now. Tun Fuad Stephens was not just the first Chief Minister of Sabah but he was also the Huguan Siou or the Paramount Leader of Starting the Kadazandusun community in Sabah. It was through his hard work that he was able to unite all the tribes and sub-tribes to be one united Sabah. wholesale mlb jerseys He played a pivotal role in negotiating Sabah’s Independence from the British and subsequently the formation of Malaysia with the rest of the State of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Singapore.

Currently, a Fine’ monument aptly named the Double Six Monument was constructed at the location of the cheap nba jerseys tragic plane crash (June 6 1976)  in Grace cheap nfl jerseys Point.

I’ve read Tun Fuad Stephens biography years back and I really do have profound respect for the man. If he was alive today, Sabah would have been a much different place.

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