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Flowers – How to Identify them on the Go – LikeThat Garden Flower Identification

December 3, 2015 / Eddy / General, iOS Apps

Living in a urban environment and being occupied with work can be stressful and I do spend my mornings and weekends exploring new places. During my walks, I try to be as attentive as I can to look out new flower and fauna which may cross my path. In the past, it was just looking to not step on snakes which I almost did several times which would have been deadly but that is another topic altogether.

I do take pictures of flowers but I am really bad at identifying them. In fact, I can’t tell one variant from another but thankfully we live in a connected world and I know there must be an app out there which can do it. Thankfully there is.

LikeThat Garden – Flower Identification app is a godsend. It is a free app which is available on both the iOS App Store for the iPhone and Google Play for the Android Phone which just does that. It’s pretty simple to use, the basic concept is that you either use the built-in camera tab to take the picture of the flower or browse through the ones from your picture folder and the app will scan through its huge collection to give you a narrowed down visual list of flowers/plants which fits that. It’s actually pretty cool.

LikeThat Garden Flower Identification

The app is pretty neat but you need the internet connectivity for it to work. Being a technie, I must say that this is a really neat application which marries the internet, big data and machine learning (Pattern Recognition) technology to make it all happen. Big Data and Machine Learning is huge now and it’s really the in-thing to make computers and in this case, smart phones really smart and useful.

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LikeThat Garden app is a really good example of an application which harness the power of big data and machine learning. Big Data is just as the name suggest is a super huge database of information and in this case data about over a million flowers, plants and their characteristics in a huge database. Machine Learning is about curating the big data to make all that information useful.

All these technology means that we do not need to be able to rely solely on our memory to identify things. Now it is just taking the picture and letting the app do all the heavy lifting. The results usually is out within a matter of seconds.

LikeThat Garden Flower Identification

For the iPhone, you can download this free app from

For Android, it is available at

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