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Kedai Kopi Hui Chow Fried Pork Noodles (KK)

August 12, 2012 / Eddy / Food, Sabah

Every time I visit Kota Kinabalu, I would try to at least visit Kedai Kopi Hui Chow for their Fried Pork Noodles and their Five-Spiced Wild Boar. It definitely makes my trip to KK worth the while.

For RM5 (SG$2), this delicious fried pork noodles comes with homemade noodles, several slices of fried fritters (yu tiao) and deliciously sliced  fried seasoned pork. There is no real words to describe it. It is really yummy and I had to resist going for a second bowl.

The other delicious dish which I would have is the Rm6 Five-Spiced Wild Boar dish. The portion was actually quite generous. It is very well marinated with soya sauce, five spices and ginger, it removed the gamey taste of the wild boar. It taste like normal pork for the most parts apart from the tougher skin which they included in the dish. However unlike some other places I tried this exotic delicacy, the skin is actual edible and slightly chewy.

Even before the ban of pork and pork products from Malaysia in Singapore since the Swine Flu outbreak, it was already difficult to get wild pork dishes in Singapore. Now, it is virtually impossible to find this meat in Singapore.

The only sightings of Wild Boar in Singapore is in the Central Catchment Area and on the tiny North-eastern island of Pulau Ubin. However, I have not seen any in the wild in Singapore and the only time I saw wild boars was during a military exercise somewhere in Thailand many years ago.

Back to Kota Kinabalu, there are probably several other places that sells wild boar dishes but this was the only place I know and it sure is worth a try. However this place as you would guess is non-halal.

I really enjoy the local Sabah food as they are simply delicious and for me, it is a cheap experience. It is actually difficult to find good food that cheap in Singapore with so much ingredients.

The Block where Kedai Kopi Hui Chow is located across Jalan Penampang

Sabah State Archives

Rainforest Park

This Coffee Shop is located in at the corner of one of the block across the Sabah State Archives and the Rainforest Park (Taman Ujana Rimba Tropika) along Jalan Penampang, which is a short distance away from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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