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Venturing Bukit Batok Nature Park Singapore

February 7, 2012 / Eddy / Singapore, Travel

The highlight of Bukit Batok Nature Park is the 10 storey cliff and the walk up the transmission tower. This used to be the site of a granite quarry which was abandoned in 1988.

Map of the Bukit Batok Nature Park

Beware of Falling Durians

Orchids around the park entrance

View of the Transmission Tower

There is a playground and several shelters where you can take a rest

A water stream from the pond

The rock face of the hill overlooking a pond

The pond was carved out after decades of dynamite bustling of the wall of the hill. The pond does look deceptively shallow but it is several storeys deep

There are turtles in the pond

A tree that has its roots wrapped around a boulder

Close Up on the Granite wall

Shelter half way up the hill

The memorial on the 120 steps up to the transmission tower commemorate the fallen soldiers during the battle of Bukit Timah Hill on February 11 1942.

The Battle of Bukit Timah Hill was one of the bloodiest battle in Singapore where the Japanese took the greatest casualties. In revenge, the Japanese Soldiers massacred the chinese living in the nearby village.

There was an earlier war memorial built by the Japanese for their fallen brethren. During that time, the Australian POWs were granted the permission to built their own memorial on the steps of the hill. Both of which were destroyed after the Japanese Surrender.


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