Why I Blog

When I got older, my memory recall is no longer as good as before. I feel that blogging is a good way of keeping an online record of my past experiences and travels. It is not just for the benefits of my readers but myself. It’s my way of preserving my memories and the memories of the places I’ve been.

Writing the blog helps me recall what I’ve done, places I have been and it helps relived my adventures.

I post a lot of photos because I feel that is one way where both you and I can relive my journey with me. Hopefully it would make your reading pleasure more enjoyable. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and I hope it does. I am not very good at story writing and well, I am not a good photographer at the same time so do forgive my blogging style.

Thank you very much for reading. I do hope that by reading my blogs, you gain a better insight of the places I’ve been.

I will try to blog places less travelled in Singapore so you would gain some insight of the tiny island republic, the little red dot.

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